Current Opportunities - Concessions

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has issued the following Concessions contracting opportunities:

6-15-C002: Fuel Retailing and Convenience Concession, Dulles Airport UPDATED!
- Description: The Airports Authority is seeking a fuel retailing and convenience store team to develop and operate a new multi-fuel service station and convenience store in a lease agreement with a 20 year term. This new concession will replace the current fueling and convenience concession contract, which will expire in December 2016. The current concession sells approximately 5.5 million gallons of fuel annually; its convenience store and carry-out restaurant sales exceed $5 million annually. This fueling and convenience store often operates near or at capacity; the new operation will benefit from a larger site that will allow added space and layout flexibility to increase sales potential. The new site is being offered on a different parcel but at the same intersection (Rudder Road and Ariane Way) as the current service station and store.
- Solicitation Issue Date: March 12, 2015
- Due Date for Submissions: May 20, 2015
- Amendments Issued: Three
- LDBE Requirement: 20% of Design and Construction
- ACDBE Goal: 15% of Total Sales
- Project Overview
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