VIP/Dignitary Escort

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SPECIAL ACCESS TO THE IAB AREA REQUESTED FOR THE FOLLOWING PERSONS (List by name, rank, title and country): (* will ride mobile lounge ** individual responsible for baggage)
>2 requires CBP approval

Protectees and accompanying immediate family members under armed escort by a US government agency and/or US or US territory governor details are eligible for specialized screening once their identification has been reviewed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening supervisor.

All other traveling staffers, friends, etc are subject to either regular TSA passenger screening and/or private- passenger screening.

Washington Dulles International Airport

  Email: Phone: Fax:
DULLES OPS (703) 572-2730 (703) 572-5718
PD   (703) 572-2950 (703) 572-0187
SOU (703) 417-8535 (703) 417-8539
CBP (703) 661-7100 (703) 661-3641
TSA ICC (703) 662-2276 (703) 662-6342


Washington National Airport

  Email: Phone: Fax:
National OPS (703) 417-8050 (703) 417-0507
PD   (703) 417-8560 (703) 417-8575
TSA   (703) 603-1550 (703) 603-0503
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