Project Journey Milestones

Project Milestones:


  • June 2017: Design and construction planning
  • July 2017: Site work commences with the demolition of aircraft hangars and the Airports Authority office building to make way for the new commuter concourse.
  • Prepare lower-level roadways near the terminal by adding crossover cut-throughs and some additional pavement.

New Security Checkpoint Construction

  • Later in 2017: Begin utility relocations and construction of foundations and support columns.
  • Next phase: Lift and secure support beams above roadway (overnight work)
  • No impact on existing security checkpoint operations.
  • Expect temporary lane closures and congestion along arrivals level roadway from late 2017 to 2018 (details to be announced).
  • 2020 - Two new security checkpoints open with space for a total of 28 screening lanes, creating a connected concourse and making National Hall shops and restaurants post-security.

New Commuter Concourse Construction

  • 2017: Fence off the construction site to separate it from the active airfield.
  • 2018: Groundbreaking of the 14-gate concourse
  • Add fill dirt around the site and allow it to settle before re-grading for optimal drainage slopes.
  • No noticeable impact on existing flight operations
  • 2021 - New commuter concourse opens, replacing busing operations from Gate 35X and increasing passenger comfort and convenience.