Pay & Go Parking

Pay & Go is the automated system designed for quick and easy exiting from the non-garage parking lots at Washington Dulles International Airport. 

NOTE: Pay & Go may no longer be used to exit Garage 1 or Garage 2. Please see the Entry Lanes in the Garages for the new, ticketless option.

map of Pay and Go locations

Pay & Go Machine Locations Map - printable version

take ticket upon entering the lot

1. TAKE the parking ticket and keep it with you. Do not leave it in your vehicle.

pay at machines in the airport

2. PAY for parking at the non-garage lots with your Pay & Go ticket, using a Pay & Go machine located on the Baggage Claim Level of the Terminal.

use prepaid lanes when exiting

3. GO to prepaid Pay & Go lanes to exit non-garage parking lots quickly & easily. Insert your ticket at gate machine. Gate will rise and off you go.

Pay and Go machine photo

Steps for Paying at Machines

  1. Insert parking ticket to calculate amount owed
  2. Insert cash or credit card
  3. Wait for receipt
  4. Take the pre-paid ticket to your vehicle for exiting the parking lot