Project Journey

Transforming the Passenger Experience

Reagan National's current facilities were designed to serve 15 million passengers per year. But more than 23 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2016, setting new records and straining the existing infrastrucure. In response, the airport launched Project Journey, a $1 billion investment to transform the traveler experience inside terminals, at the gates and along the roads. The end result will provide passengers with greater connectivity, more shopping and dining choices and a more pleasant post-security environment. Future improvements to roadway and parking configurations will address the vehicle congestion produced by record-breaking passenger activity.

Coming in 2020: Two new security checkpoints will be constructed above the arrivals roadway to create a connected concourse. Security screening operations will shift to the new checkpoints, and the existing checkpoints will be removed to fully connect the concourse level of Terminal B/C and its concessions and gates in a free-flowing post-security environment. Significant roadway impacts are expected from late 2017 through 2018 as travel lanes temporarily close to provide space for construction activity and equipment.

Coming in 2021: A new commuter concourse will replace the 14 outdoor regional aircraft boarding positions accessed by bus through gate 35X. When completed in 2021, the concourse will have 14 indoor jetbridge gates with seating, concessions and a seamless post-security connection to National Hall and other gates. Construction impacts on passengers are expected to be minimal, since much of the work will take place on the airfield.

To prepare for construction, the Airports Authority headquarters staff relocated from airport grounds to Crystal City. The new commuter concourse will be built on the site of the vacated corporate office building (known as COB). 

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