Exhibit Hall at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Next time you travel through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or meet someone there, take a look at the results of several unique historic preservation projects on view for travelers and members of the public.



Here are some of the many comments made by visitors of the Exhibit Hall at Reagan National Airport:

“This is always a pleasure to visit.”
-Shane Sasso, Arizona 

“I'm glad to see that this is available to the public!” -Mike Humel, Florida

“Absolutely beautiful!” -Aeggie Perez, Panama

“The history behind this place is amazing!.” -Cosette Hatch, Vermont

“Thank you for preserving and sharing this slice of history.” - Denise Lataser, Texas

“Great history lesson!” -Mark Mercer, Canada


The Exhibit Hall is located above the grand lobby of Historic Terminal A. It offers a museum-like offering of this history of the site of the airport as well as the course of aviation over the years in our nation’s capital. The Exhibit Hall is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.





President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s influence was crucial to the airport’s financing, location and design. When National Airport opened in 1941, its state-of-the-art terminal was designed to include symbols of aviation and patriotism. 



Ronald Reagan Washington Airport is moving forward to the next era of air travel as well as preserving its historic past. As one of the best persevered prewar airports in the nation Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport remains symbolic of a unique era in the nation’s history and is prepared to soar into the future.