Facts and Figures

Additional Facts about the Dulles Toll Road

  • Lanes each direction: 4 lanes (3 all-purpose lanes, 1 HOV High Occupancy Vehicle lane)
  • Toll Road Length: 14 miles
  • Number of Lane Miles: 112 miles
  • Exit ramps off of the Toll Road: 9 westbound and 8 eastbound
  • Toll Lane Configuration: 27 Full Service lanes, 24 Exact Change lanes, 8 E-ZPass Only lanes
  • Westbound Toll Plaza Locations: 1 Main Toll Plaza, 9 Remote Ramp Plazas
  • Eastbound Toll Plaza Locations: 1 Main Toll Plaza, 10 Remote Ramp Plazas
  • Toll Plaza lane configurations:

Main Toll Plaza (Westbound and Eastbound): 2 E-ZPass Only lanes, 2 Exact Change Only lanes, 3 Full Service lanes.  Full service booths at the Main Toll Plaza are operated 24 hours each day.  

Ramp Plazas have a combination of Full Service, Exact Change and E-ZPass only lanes.  Full service ramp toll booths are operated daily from 5:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m.