SEPTEMBER 5 Board and Committee Meetings

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Board of Directors


September 05, 2012


8:00 AM EDT
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Conference Rooms 1A/1B/1C

8:00 a.m.  Strategic Planning and Development Committee Meeting[1]

(Materials in Tab A)


I.  Information Paper on Revised Management Structure for the Aviation Capital Construction Program Management 
Frank Holly
Tab A-1
II.  Reagan National Update 
Jack Potter
Mark Treadaway
Margaret McKeough
Paul Malandrino
Frank Holly
David Mould 
Tab A-2
III.  Proposed Amended Cooperative Promotional Program 
Mark Treadaway
Tab A-3
IV.  Quarterly Air Service Development Report 
Mark Treadaway
Tab A-4 

9:15 a.m.  Special Business Administration Committee Meeting

(Materials in Tab B)

I.  Recommendation to Award a Fee Manager to Contract, Lease, Market and Manage Food/Beverage and Retail Concessions at both Airports
Steve Baker
Kathleen Verret
Tab B-1
9:30 a.m.  Executive and Governance Committee Meeting

(Materials in Tab C)

I.  Proposed Authority Travel Policy
Jack Potter
Andy Rountree
Quince Brinkley
Tab C-1
II.  Discussion Regarding Proposed Revisions for the Code of Ethics (CONFIDENTIAL - Working Discussion Drafts)
-    Board of Directors
            Lawrence Norton    Venable LLP
            Janice Ryan            Venable LLP 

            Phil Sunderland
            Greg Wolfe
            Quince Brinkley

-    Employees
            Phil Sunderland
            Naomi Klaus

Tab C-2
10:30 a.m.  Special Board of Directors Meeting

(Materials in Tab D)

I.  New Business
A.    Proposed Authority Travel Policy
B.    Recommendation  to Award a Fee Manager to Contract, Lease, Market and Manage Food/Beverage and Retail Concessions at both Airports
C.    Recommendation to Enter into a Contract to Purchase Electricity from Dominion Virginia Power for Startup Testing on the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
Tab D-1
Tab D-2 

Tab D-3

Board Conference Room
 11 a.m.  Audit - Legal Committee Meeting

(Materials in Tab E)

Executive Session [2]

I.  Status Update on Inspector General Report
Jack Potter
II.  Pending Litigation and Related Matters
Phil Sunderland
Tab E-1


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[1] All meeting times are approximate.  The meetings may begin earlier or later than the scheduled times.

[2] Pursuant to Article IX, Section 3(e) of the Airports Authority Bylaws which permits the Board and its Committees to move into executive session to consult with the Airports Authority=s legal counsel or staff, and/or with consultants, regarding legal issues or matters affecting or involving the Airports Authority, including pending or potential litigation, pending or potential legislation and compliance with legal requirements.